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Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and Moscow Government support Netkanika’s ramp-up project

On Tuesday, 5 May 2020, Denis Manturov, Russia’s Minister of Industry and Trade and Sergey Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow, visited Netkanika’s production site. The officials got an overview of the production process of nonwoven fabric from which disposable personal protective equipment is made – medical masks and overalls for hospital workers. The mayor extended his gratitude to the site’s staff for their work to protect the residents of Moscow.
Both the Ministry and Moscow Government upheld Netkanika’s project to ramp up production capacity and expand the range of nonwoven materials for protective medical and hygiene products.
“In May, our key objective will be to provide manufacturers of disposable medical clothing with nonwoven materials sufficient to produce about one million sets. To make it clear, we are talking about supplies enough to produce about 33 thousand protective gowns for infectious disease specialists per day by this company alone. As a reminder, our target for protective gowns of different types is 150 thousand per day, and now the total output has already exceeded 110 thousand,” said Denis Manturov.
“In the pandemic situation, about half of Moscow’s 720 large and medium-sized production facilities keep working. The production of food and many other consumer goods continues, we just cannot stop it. Moscow’s companies have also multiplied the production of sanitisers, personal protective equipment and other products needed to combat coronavirus. Specifically, Netkanika has increased the output of nonwoven materials used to make medical masks and protective gowns for hospital workers, manyfold,” said Sergey Sobyanin.
“Currently, Netkanika supplies CREATEX MED, nonwoven materials for masks and protective gowns that meet around a third of the demand of the nation’s healthcare. We are genuinely grateful to the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Moscow Government for supporting the project seeking to boost the output of the products in high demand,» commented Rifkat Galimzyanov, General Manager of Netkanika.